Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Meeting of a WIFE Time....

I have begun to accept not trying to predict the future, or what awaits around the next corner, however I still find myself absolutely amazed at how fascinating life can be.
My wife and I are simple people who seem to be doing extraordinary things, we consider ourselves soul mates, and it is on that foundation that we have built a wonderful relationship and space for our children to blossom in. We have always been considered the model couple, always conducted ourselves with dignity and a mutual respect, often to the awe of our friends and community.

Today, we are testing our progressiveness and the strength of our bond, as we try to construct our lives free of outside judgment or influence. We have decided that my boyfriend will be driving up later today, to meet us at the resort that we are currently holidaying at. It will be the first time that my wife and him meet. I am extremely conflicted with emotions as to how this will all play out. The opportunity seems right, as we do not have the children with us, we are on neutral ground, and we all have some quiet space to absorb the magnitude of what we are about to experience.
The only solace that I get is knowing that all parties involved have a goodness, gentleness and desire to make this work for the best.

It will be a truly interesting "next step" along the journey that we now all seem to find ourselves travelling, although we might have different paths at the moment, our hunger for inner peace, our caring and love for each other seems to ensure that we all have the same goal, happiness for all!

I look forward to sharing this new chapter, as soon as I have had the opportunity to absorb it all.


  1. Have courage...all it takes is courage and don't let anybody humiliate you...Eleanor Roosevelt said that "no one can humiliate you without your consent"
    happy new year and thanks for comments on my blog.

  2. your story inspires me in alot . Keep it going mate . I wish you the best of luck with life . Cheers

  3. I look forward to hearing how this meeting goes for all three of you. I hope that the positive feelings that you have for each other helps with what must be a difficult, yet necessary, meeting for you all.

  4. Best of luck. I'm sure you know how lucky you are to have such an understanding wife. I feel my wife is very understanding, but I think she would find such a meeting to be too much, at least at this point.

    Hopefully the three of you can be friends. We're all standing behind you, supporting you.